Below are some frequently asked questions which should hopefully answer any you might have too, but if not please contact me and I can help.

What do I / my child need to swim with you?

Swim wear – this may include exposure protection (see below), swim hat, goggles, towel, warm clothes, a drink and a snack. 

Do I / my child need a wetsuit?

Adults – Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer

Adult swimmers can swim in just a swimsuit, a full wetsuit or something in between. If you are looking for a wetsuit I would recommend a swimming specific / triathlon wetsuit. These have  more flexible arms and usually a lower neck height to prevent rubbing along with buoyancy panels in the right places. 

Swimming socks, swimming gloves and a neoprene swim hat can also be worn if you are prone to cold extremities, for the winter i would thoroughly recommend these. 

Juniors – Autumn/Spring

Junior swimmers must wear a LONG wetsuit.  The Swimming specific / triathlon style are great for the extra flexibility in the arms but these don’t tend to be thick enough to keep some children warm in the early spring/autumn. In this instance you could get a 4mm thickness wetsuit. These can be quite hard to swim in though so it may be that your child only swims in the warmer sea temperatures. Juniors must also wear swim socks/boots and gloves during the cooler months. 

Children will not be advised to sea swim in temperatures of 14 degrees or less.  

Juniors – Summer

Junior swimmers are recommended to wear a long wetsuit. My recommendation is to swim in a swimming specific / triathlon style long suit but a general 2/3mm wetsuit would work, i like the C-Skins brand and have suits for hire if you wish (please prebook). 

Sea shoes are optional for children but they need to fit or they will fill with water, flop around and fall off. Under 8s that are participating in water confidence sessions are best to wear shoes if they struggle to walk on the shingle.

The ​wetsuit MUST fit tightly, or it will not do its job of warming up a layer of water inside.

What should I bring for after my swimming session?

Bring a towel, warm clothes, fluids, a warm drink and a snack.

I have a fear of Open Water, can you help?

If you can swim well in the pool but are fearful of the open water then yes but if you are a non swimmer my suggestion is to start in the pool. Please give me a call for a chat.

What is the average sea temperature for Eastbourne?

Jan 9.2°C •   Feb 8°C •   Mar 8°C •   Apr 9.3°C •   May 11.4°C •   June 14.1°C •   July 16.5°C •   Aug 17.6°C •   Sep 17.3°C •   Oct 16°C •   Nov 14°C •   Dec 10.9°C

Where do we meet?

In front of the first aid post by the Wish Tower slopes in Eastbourne.

What safety measures do you have in place?

Dee is a Surf Life Saving GB qualified beach lifeguard. During the summer months we swim under the watchful eye of the council beach lifeguards from the wish tower beaches.

Where necessary we have a F2W assistant in the water. All the assistants are junior trainee lifeguards with EVLG and are qualified tube rescuers with SLSGB

During the winter, where possible, there will be shore based spotter on hand should any emergency arise.

Dee and her assistants have rescue equipment to hand with most group sessions. 

Where necessary swimmers will be required to wear a swimming buoy during the sessions (these will be provided). 

Dee conducts an analytical risk assessment before each session, she has a site specific risk assessment, normal operating procedure and emergency action plan also in place.

What happens if we cant attend a session? 

Please do let us know as soon as you know that you will not be attending. If we can fill your spot we may be able to reschedule you.

What about COVID -19? 

As our activity is outdoors, at this time, we are ok to run. We encourage social distancing and regularly conduct lateral flow tests on ourselves.

What happens when the weather is bad?

If when planning or conducting our risk assessment we deem the weather and conditions not suitable for the group or persons level we will cancel the lesson and offer a reschedule or a refund. Please be aware this could happen up to the start of the session, but where possible we will let you know as soon as we can.

We swim in rain and cloud but not thunder, lighting or dense fog/mist.

If the red flag is flying sessions will be cancelled unless as an adult you are experienced in tougher conditions and wish to swim. We may override your decision though, so please keep that in mind – it’s our reputation on the line.

Can i book a private group?

Yes absolutely. Go to the book online page PRIVATE  SESSIONS book for 1 then pay the extra £10 pp on the day.

Can i see your qualifications and documents?

Please check out the ABOUT ME page for my Qualifications.

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