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Private Sessions

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You can book private sessions, coaching courses and one-off events with Fish 2 Water online!

Before booking please click here for details on what will be covered on each level and check you or your child meet the criteria for the course.

Courses run on either the same day and time for consecutive weeks or run for consecutive days. Please do read the course dates.

 I look forward to swimming with you soon!

PLEASE NOTE it is extremely important you DO NOT book your child into an age group or onto course level that they don’t meet the criteria for. This is not safe for them and for others in the group and will only impact negatively on their confidence levels.

If you are unsure please book a level below. It is much better to under-estimate instead of over-estimate your child’s ability, especially in open water. Please contact me if you think they should be in a level above their age and I can advise.

Your child CAN continue to attend the SAME LEVEL over the course of the season. Each course builds on the knowledge that the children have and you can never repeat safety messages too often.


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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”
Vincent Van Gogh
“What’s a worry once your in? Let the sea evaporate all the thoughts on which you cogitate. Let the slop chop of arm in, arm out silence that to-do list din”
“Let the world dissolve into the current and the cold, to your worries (for the moment) become reconciled, swim free, swim wild”