⭐️ Junior Open Water Level 2 - Appropriate for children aged 10 - 11 yrs⭐️ 

🐠  THIS IS A 2 DAY COURSE WED 24TH AUG & THUR 25TH AUG AT AT 12.00PM- 12.50PM🐠 Children must be able to:
  • Swim 100m front crawl confidently
  • Tread water for 1 min
  • Float on their back
 In these sessions children will learn about:
  • Tides & Currents
  • Water Safety
  • Acclimatising
  • Swimming Technique
  • Open Water and Triathlon race techniques
  • Navigating Waves
Sessions are 50 minutes from the Lifeguard Beach by the wishtower in Eastbourne. Full meeting details will be included in your booking receipt.  Juniors will need a long wetsuit, swim hat and goggles. Swim socks or shoes are optional. Swim floats are provided. Contact me if you need to hire a wetsuit.  ⭐️ Cost: £22 ⭐️