The club is for people who would like to sea swim rather than dip. It is fine if you wish to swim breaststroke and I can definitely help with front crawl technique but this is not a learn front crawl course. If you need to learn front crawl i suggest you sign up to the Level 2 Learn Frontcrawl course first.

  • You need to be able to swim 200m without stopping.
  • Distances at each session will vary
  • Sessions will be structured to help with technique, motivationtion, endurance, pacing & open water race skills if required.

⭐️  The Swim club runs 3 times to swim a week ⭐️

  • Monday 12.30pm
  • Friday 6pm (Swim & Gin Friday)
  • Saturday 9am

⭐️ You can choose your subscription ⭐️

  • 1 swim a week or 4 a month@ £9 a swim = £37/Month
  • 2 swims a week or 8 a month@ £8 a swim = £64/month
  • 3 swims a week or 12 a month @ £7 a swim = £84/month
  • Pay as you go £15 a session


Once signed up you will be added to a Whats App group for chat and to select your swims.

Swims will need to be selected the week before to allow me to monitor numbers and provide the right safety cover but it is ok if you wish to change the sessions if you can not make it.

Weather cancellations can happen at any time.

Some sessions will be changed to a alternative date due to other commitments. No session on the saturday 25th June but added session sunday 26th at 12pm.