SUNDAY 14th November 7.00am – 8.00am, Lifeguard Beach, Wish Tower, Eastbourne.

Begin the day with a bit of SUNRISE therapy.

Sunrise is a very beautiful phenomenon on this planet. The beautiful colors of Sunrise, lapping waves, fresh sea breeze on face – these aspects of Sunrise time help us start our day with happiness and excitement and infuse positivity. Sunrise time is a sacred and precious time in a day. The act of watching Sunrise can automatically take a person into a meditative and peaceful state.

The Session includes

  • Safety brief
  • A wonderful invigorating Sea Swim/Dip
  • Rewarming breathwork
  • Essential Oil Tea, Builders Tea & Coffee
  • Pastries


  • Whatever you plan to swim in (contact me if you need advice).
  • Warm clothes, gloves and hat for after.
  • Something to sit on.

It is recommended that you have some experience in cold water swimming, if you do not please contact me for a discussion on the suitability of this event for you.